Desktop Graphics Cards

Graphics technology has continued to confuse all but the most informed buyer, though in many cases this is the fault of the merchant. Looking back at any of your brick-and-mortar computer purchases, ask yourselves how many times you were able to find a knowledgeable employee to assist you. More often than not, at least in my experience, I am simply being bothered by someone to buy the most expensive and likely profitable thing possible regardless of what I actually want or need. The store itself may stock everything imaginable and thus everything I intend to buy, yet I am still directed away from what I want to buy and toward what they want me to buy. There's a big difference here - but I digress. My goal in this article is to explain what you should be looking for to get what you want rather than what-they-want-you-to-want. I will also make a few product suggestions; of course, your informed suggestions are appreciated as well.


ConsumerWare, with any luck, will become a blog you can count on to give you honest opinions and a springboard for discussion on consumer-oriented facets of electronics, software, and media. In general, this means that the focus will be on hardware devices and the software that runs on them; a Playstation console, for example. In addition, many articles on this site will revolve around specific products or product categories and make informed suggestions on good purchases. Suggestions, of course, will be based on merit rather than brand recognition or misplaced fanaticism. Likewise, at least a small amount of knowledge on the topic at hand is suggested, though I will try to explain everything as clearly as possible.

Of course, this is not simply an editorial. I have no intention of brandishing my own opinion as fact or making a public outcry for products to conform to my desires. Much more than that, I hope that you as my readers will contribute to an overall discussion using my own musings only as a starting point. You are, after all, consumers just as much as myself, so your opinions are at least comparably important in comparison to mine if not more so. As often as possible, I will revisit entries after having collected responses from the various readers who could contribute to the discussion, and many thanks in advance to those who do decide to contribute.